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We are delighted that Nicholas has been featured in a new coffee table book dedicated to the art of bespoke furniture, here is a summary from schiffer publishing...

Bespoke Because

Custom designed furniture has been around many decades. Studio or bespoke furniture can add richness and texture to interior design. Today, more and more are discovering the joys of custom made furniture. An American writer, E. Ashley Rooney recently included 10 Britains in BespokeFurniture from 101 International Artists, a colorfully illustrated collection of 103 international artisans for Schiffer Publishing (2012). As Rooney says in her Introduction, studio or bespoke furniture is the marriage of creativity and practicality resulting in a beautiful, purposeful, and ,above all, a unique art object.  

The British furniture designers selected are  William Acland, Cambria, Joe della-Porta, East Sussex, Paul Gower, Dorset, Harry Hare, North Devon, Alun Heslop, Sussex, Rachel Hutchinson, Wiltshire, Derrick Ibbott, Norfolk, Robert Kernohan, Antrim, Nicholas Langan, Cornwall, and Amanda Ransom, Oxfordshire,.

 The custom furniture movement originally developed as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution.  In his essay in Bespoke, Lewis Wexler of Philadelphia's  Wexler Gallery points out that, "The studio furniture movement originally developed as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution. ... In a time when mass production and disposable products are the norm, a younger audience concerned with the environment seems to be gravitating toward items that are made with sustainable materials." The ultimate value of a piece of furniture lies in the maker and the making, but also in the life the piece leads once out in the world. Today, twenty-first century furniture makers or artisans combine both art and craft. They are skilled in the techniques of their trade yet have the creativity to design handcrafted furniture that offers great beauty. The 103 artisans in this book have produced distinctive furniture that reflects the work of the fine craftsman of the past and the ideas of the future. They also describe the purpose behind their work. 


Bespoke, Furniture from 101 International Artists

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