South West

  • The Silvanus Trust
    Working in partnership with those concerned with woodland
  • Cornish Woodmeet
    A web based information network, set up by those involved in the forestry and timber sector, but open for anyone to register.
  • South West Forest
    Covering parts of Devon and Cornwall, SWF exists to promote rural regeneration through planting of forests for the future and training and education for today's woodland workers and the community at large
  • West Country Woodsmen
    A network of woodland practioners, businesses, crafts people, organisations and woodland owners seeking a sustainable future through their activities in woodlands of the West Country


  • The Forestry Commission
    The body responsible for national policy, grants forplanting and woodland management and the management of the public forests
  • The Woodland Trust
    The Woodland Trust is dedicated to the protection of our native woodland heritage. They own and manage woodland throughout the country as well as providing information and eductaion on native woodland