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How to commission a bespoke piece of furniture

Most of our furniture is made to order, so any existing design can be modified to suit you, including the measurements, materials and details.

Often our clients are looking for a specific shape, size, type of wood or combination of materials which they have not been able to buy ‘off the shelf’ to suit their needs.  A practical solution is to commission bespoke furniture.  This soon blossoms into a more personal experience with you being involved in the designing and making of furniture that is truly tailored to you. I like to make the process simple and personal to meet your particular requirements.

First and foremost we start with a conversation about what you wish to commission.  Your ideas, sizes, type of wood, your preferences, budget and function of the furniture are discussed, amongst other relevant questions. As a designer it is my job to interperet this discussion into a design and finally furniture.  Ideally, I like to meet you in the location where the furniture will be placed so I can get a sense of space and surroundings.

Your budget

It’s important to understand how much you wish to spend so that the design and wood can be tailored to your budget.  The price of a project depends on the materials,  finish, hardware and technology required, complexity of the design and how long it takes to make.  A design fee may be payable, reflecting the costs of visiting you, researching and preparing the design, or more complex proposals.

The design

After we have agreed your requirements and budget, work begins on the design.  I produce drawings for your approval, including hand drawn visuals, 2D technical drawings, 3D photo-realistic models and sometimes scaled models prior to a commission going into production.

You will be involved every step of the way and have opportunity to make any changes as the design evolves.


Hand drawn sketch

Hand Drawn Sketch

2D technical drawing

2D Technical Drawing

3D photorealistic render

3D Photorealistic Render

Into Production

When you are happy with the design,  I will send you a written proposal including the final design, price and timescale for you approval. At this stage I ask for a deposit, normally 40% of the final price, and will then begin making your unique furniture. If you are interested I am happy for you to visit my studio to see the craftsmanship and work in progress, I can also send you photographs of each stage of production as a memento.

Its yours

I personally deliver the finished piece to you and will offer advice on how to care for your furniture to ensure that it gives you pleasure for many years to come.

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