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Nicholas Langan featured in new bespoke furniture book

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

The work of local wood artisan, Nicholas Langan, Hayle, Cornwall appears on pages 212-213in Bespoke, a colorfully illustrated collection of 100 international artisans written by Ashley Rooney (Schiffer 2012).Always an artisan, Nicholas is also known as the primary designer maker at Journeyman Furniture.

Custom designed furniture has been around many decades. Studio or bespoke furniture can add richness and texture to interior design. Today, more and more are discovering the joys of custom made furniture.   In his essay, Lewis Wexler points out that, “The studio furniture movement originally developed as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution. … In a time when mass production and disposable products are the norm, a younger audience concerned with the environment seems to be gravitating toward items that are made with sustainable materials.”

As Thomas Throop states in the Foreword, twenty-first century furniture makers or artisans combine both art and craft. They are skilled in the techniques of their trade yet have the creativity to design handcrafted furniture that offers great beauty. These artisans from throughout the United States and the world

• Produce distinctive furniture that reflects the work of the fine craftsman of the past and the ideas of the future

•  Seek to perfect materials, forms, and finishes to meet the individual needs of their clients

• Love working with their hands.

Bespoke or one-of-a-kind furniture adds texture and richness to the assortment of furniture in a room. As Gary Inman says in his Introduction, studio or bespoke furniture is the marriage of creativity and practicality resulting in a beautiful, purposeful, and above all unique art object.

Within the following pages, you will revel in the work of 100 artisans from the United States and abroad.

Bespoke, Furniture from 101 International Artists

Bespoke, Furniture from 101 International Artists

Journeyman featured in The Independent…

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Journeyman Furniture / Nicholas Langan got a mention in the Independent yesterday in conjunction with the Cornwall Design Fair…. A really nice write up about the show and the designers that take part in it. It is a lovely show, one which I strive to take part in annually as it is right on my doorstep and has such a nice atmosphere. I think that I have only missed one since it started back in 2006, it just keeps getting better!

The show is on next weekend 20-21 August at Trereife House and Park 11am -6pm. TR20 8TJ. Showcasing the best design from contemporary designer-makers in the beautiful and historic grounds of Trereife.

The Contemporary Craft Fair 2011

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

I am proud to be taking part in this years Contemporary Craft Fair. I hope that you will come and say hello, I will be on stand B32. Here is the advert for the show with all of the essential details.

cornwall crafts fair 2011

Crowan Crafts exhibition ‘More Shared Things’

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

This morning I delivered some furniture and accessories to the Crowan Vestry Room. The purpose of the delivery is for the latest Crowan Crafts exhibition titled ‘More Shared Things’. It is a collection of fantastic work by highly skilled craftspeople who live and work in Cornwall, which includes ceramics, textiles, glass, metal, jewellery, basket making and of course furniture and wood! There are also some lovely natural beeswax products and other locally produced preserves and products available to buy, tea and cakes of the highest quality are available too.

The exhibition focuses on two or more artisans collaborating and combining their skills to produce new works, however not all on show is collaborative, I am one such guilty party, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day as usual!

handmade cushion

handmade cushion closeup of button

Cushion – hand-knitted by Nicky Mills with wool from Blegan (John & Sue Read) and hand-made buttons by Hermionerose.

Maxine Symons founder of the group, quotes on the Crowan Crafts website “I started Crowan Crafts in 2003 because I felt that there was a lack of quality, originality and beauty in a great deal of the craftwork produced today. I wanted to gather together a group of artisans whose work was truly inspiring. Sometimes, it seems as if we surround ourselves with the insanely functional and deny the importance of beauty in our everyday lives. Indeed, imagination, creativity and beauty are often scorned in our throwaway society. I live near the hamlet of Crowan where Harry and May Davis ran Crowan Pottery from 1946-1962. They had both ‘worked’ previously at St Ives with Bernard Leach. Pottery from Crowan was extremely beautiful and supremely functional. It is these aspects of high quality, beauty and usefulness that I wanted to emulate with Crowan Crafts. ”

The exhibition is showing from the 24th May to saturday 4th June 11am – 5pm daily at the Crowan Parish vestry room, Crowan, between Camborne and Helston. TR14 9NB.

Dice pencil/pen holder

Monday, April 18th, 2011

See the new dice pencil/pen holder soon to be available online.

dice pencil and pen holder

pencils not included!

These holders are made in maple with a walnut inlay and are 60mm h x 60mm  w x 60mm d.

Cornwall Crafts Association

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

For nearly thirty years the Cornwall Crafts Association has supported the craftmakers resident in Cornwall to encourage the highest standards of design and making. It also aims to reach a wider audience to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of contemporary design-led craftwork.

The Association is a member-driven self-supporting charity and has, since its inception in 1973, gained a reputation nationally for the quality of craftwork of its past and present members. The galleries it manages are well established and attract a wide-ranging audience from around the country. Exhibiting with the Association not only provides an outlet for selling work, but also allows the craftworker direct contact with customers who often commission work privately.

The President of the Association, HRH Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall, says: “Visitors to the Association’s galleries cannot fail to be impressed by member’s skill and flair by which, through work exhibited, our lives are enriched.”

Until 1973, the crafts in Cornwall had no unifying or representative body. Small groups had formed in individual crafts, their aims being partly social and partly educational, but the majority of craftspeople were working in near isolation. The fine craftsmen and women of Cornwall producing, then as now, work of quality comparable with any in the world, were better known in London than in their own county.

The Cornwall Crafts Association originated from an idea of the weaver Joan Lee. She contacted a small group of professional people including the late Wyndham Goodden, crafts advisor and former Professor of Textiles at the Royal College of Art; John Barnicoat, Principal of the (then) Falmouth School of Art; and the late Janet Leach who played an important role as a founder committee member. They met in Truro in July 1973 and formed a steering committee. The first General Meeting was held in October of that year. The response from craftspeople and lay supporters was tremendous, and the Association was established with an initial membership of just over a hundred people. From that day they have given their strong backing, and it is to this membership that the Association owes its existence and progress over the last 34 years.

Journeyman Furniture is proud to be a member of The Cornwall Crafts Association

Missing wood…

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

How I miss it! It has been almost three weeks of administration, site visits and design with not a piece of wood in sight – well not in the office anyway.

It really is so much more satisfying (for me anyway) to actually see the fruits of my labour, all of this administrative work is just giving me tired eyes and a headache at the end of the day, I would rather have a splinter!

On a more positive note the fruits of this administrative labour is bringing in plenty of work so it’s not all bad, it is going to be a very busy second half of the year for sure.

On an even more positive note than that, I am off to the Eden Sessions tonight to see a couple of bands called Doves and Mumford and Sons. Let the good times roll…