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The Cornwall Design Guild

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Journeyman Furniture is proud to be a part of an exciting business collaboration, launching on the 16th April at the St Moritz Hotel. The Cornwall Design Guild brings together unparalleled interior design services and craftsmanship to create a legacy of inspiring spaces.

The Cornwall Design Guild

“The Cornwall Design Guild brings together some of the finest design experts in Cornwall, from architectural interior designers to bespoke furniture makers and landscape designers. Our philosophy is simple: to create sustainable, environmentally responsible design and innovative luxury. We believe the personal approach is key; the relationships we develop with our clients and the rapport between Guild members is an important part of what we aspire to achieve. With several design awards between us, we are leaders in our individual areas of expertise, sharing a passion for design excellence and a mutual respect for each other’s knowledge and experience. Working directly with the architects, owners and custodians of Britain’s finest properties, we turn ideas and desires into inspiring, unique, and extraordinary spaces. Through our creative endeavours locally and nationally, we aim to raise the profile of Cornwall-based design. Whether you choose to work with one or more of us, you can be assured of the highest possible standard of service and attention to detail from initial contact through to completion.”