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Nicholas Langan featured in new bespoke furniture book

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

The work of local wood artisan, Nicholas Langan, Hayle, Cornwall appears on pages 212-213in Bespoke, a colorfully illustrated collection of 100 international artisans written by Ashley Rooney (Schiffer 2012).Always an artisan, Nicholas is also known as the primary designer maker at Journeyman Furniture.

Custom designed furniture has been around many decades. Studio or bespoke furniture can add richness and texture to interior design. Today, more and more are discovering the joys of custom made furniture.   In his essay, Lewis Wexler points out that, “The studio furniture movement originally developed as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution. … In a time when mass production and disposable products are the norm, a younger audience concerned with the environment seems to be gravitating toward items that are made with sustainable materials.”

As Thomas Throop states in the Foreword, twenty-first century furniture makers or artisans combine both art and craft. They are skilled in the techniques of their trade yet have the creativity to design handcrafted furniture that offers great beauty. These artisans from throughout the United States and the world

• Produce distinctive furniture that reflects the work of the fine craftsman of the past and the ideas of the future

•  Seek to perfect materials, forms, and finishes to meet the individual needs of their clients

• Love working with their hands.

Bespoke or one-of-a-kind furniture adds texture and richness to the assortment of furniture in a room. As Gary Inman says in his Introduction, studio or bespoke furniture is the marriage of creativity and practicality resulting in a beautiful, purposeful, and above all unique art object.

Within the following pages, you will revel in the work of 100 artisans from the United States and abroad.

Bespoke, Furniture from 101 International Artists

Bespoke, Furniture from 101 International Artists