Crowan Crafts exhibition ‘More Shared Things’

This morning I delivered some furniture and accessories to the Crowan Vestry Room. The purpose of the delivery is for the latest Crowan Crafts exhibition titled ‘More Shared Things’. It is a collection of fantastic work by highly skilled craftspeople who live and work in Cornwall, which includes ceramics, textiles, glass, metal, jewellery, basket making and of course furniture and wood! There are also some lovely natural beeswax products and other locally produced preserves and products available to buy, tea and cakes of the highest quality are available too.

The exhibition focuses on two or more artisans collaborating and combining their skills to produce new works, however not all on show is collaborative, I am one such guilty party, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day as usual!

handmade cushion

handmade cushion closeup of button

Cushion – hand-knitted by Nicky Mills with wool from Blegan (John & Sue Read) and hand-made buttons by Hermionerose.

Maxine Symons founder of the group, quotes on the Crowan Crafts website “I started Crowan Crafts in 2003 because I felt that there was a lack of quality, originality and beauty in a great deal of the craftwork produced today. I wanted to gather together a group of artisans whose work was truly inspiring. Sometimes, it seems as if we surround ourselves with the insanely functional and deny the importance of beauty in our everyday lives. Indeed, imagination, creativity and beauty are often scorned in our throwaway society. I live near the hamlet of Crowan where Harry and May Davis ran Crowan Pottery from 1946-1962. They had both ‘worked’ previously at St Ives with Bernard Leach. Pottery from Crowan was extremely beautiful and supremely functional. It is these aspects of high quality, beauty and usefulness that I wanted to emulate with Crowan Crafts. ”

The exhibition is showing from the 24th May to saturday 4th June 11am – 5pm daily at the Crowan Parish vestry room, Crowan, between Camborne and Helston. TR14 9NB.

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